South Risk Partners Ltd and South Risk Management Cell, a Cell of a Malta based insurance manager, provide advice and insurance management services to insurance companies, captive owners and industry corporates who are assessing their business and administrative structures, costs, operations, regulatory environment or other.  We provide clients with a turnkey advisory and insurance management solution from the initial stages of assessment through to completion. 

We believe that our advice and insurance knowledge coupled with our clients experience in their fields can provide the maximum results for our clients.  Our clients are serviced individually so as to provide tailor-made solutions which will enhance the way they do business. 

Our operational location in Malta provides a jurisdiction and working environment which our clients can also benefit from.  It is a contributing factor towards improved efficiencies and cost reduction, whilst maintaining the high standards our clients require.

Joanne Alamango South Risk Partners Malta.jpg

Joanne Alamango

Joanne is the Managing Director of South Risk Partners and registered Insurance Broker with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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David Zammit 

David is co-founder of South Risk Partners Ltd. A native of Malta, David is a financial structuring professional. David has worked and studied across Continental Europe and North Africa during the last 30 years.